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New Study Finds That Class Members Rarely Benefit From Class Actions

Posted in Class Action Settlements

Proponents of class actions often contend that these lawsuits deliver substantial benefits to class members. But while media coverage of class actions often suggests that class members are receiving millions of dollars in relief, most practitioners in the class action arena know that the reality is quite different. That said, to date there has been… Continue Reading

Galloway v. Kansas City Landsmen, LLC: Court Rejects Coupon Settlement After Finding That Few Class Members Would Be Likely To File A Claim

Posted in Class Action Settlements

As readers of the blog by now know, I’m always on the lookout for examples of class-action settlements that pay off the lawyers while providing little or no benefit to the members of the putative class. The most recent example is Galloway v. Kansas City Landsmen, LLC (pdf), in which Judge Greg Kays of the U.S…. Continue Reading

In re Apple iPhone 4 Products Liability Litigation: Low Claims Rate Equals Reduced Attorneys’ Fee Award

Posted in Class Action Settlements

A few days ago, I posted about a case in which a federal district court in California drastically reduced a request for attorneys’ fees because the results obtained for the class were far from “superior.” Today, I ran across a decision by another judge from that court reaching much the same result. In re Apple… Continue Reading

Berry: Another Class Settlement Benefiting Class Counsel But Not Class Members Approved

Posted in Class Action Settlements

As part of our ongoing series covering class actions in which the only real beneficiaries are the plaintiffs’ lawyers, here is the Missouri Court of Appeals’ decision in Berry v. Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. (pdf), No. WD73974 (Mo. Ct. App. June 12, 2012). The plaintiff alleged a defect in the window regulator of certain… Continue Reading

Federal District Court: Attorneys Get Paid Even Though No Class Members Submitted Claims

Posted in Arbitration, Class Action Settlements

One of the keys to our victory in AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion (the Supreme Court case holding that courts can’t refuse to enforce arbitration provisions on the ground that they preclude class actions) was our ability to pull back the curtain on the consumer class action racket and show that often the only ones who… Continue Reading